Lists with things ;-)

Hello you!

Here is an entry I wrote before I returned home, but somehow I never uploaded it. So enjoy! If you have something to add, feel free to leave a comment 😉

This are lists (with various things :-))

Things that don’t exist in Oxford (or at least I haven’t found):

  • Cervelat, Bratwurst
  • Brät
  • Fleischkäse
  • Spätzli
  • Apfelmus (I only saw something like Babybrei mit Apfelgeschmack and a thing called applesauce which is probably quite similar)
  • Blevita or Darvida alternative
  • Bratensauce (we only found gravy, which looked very similar, but it stinks and tastes disgusting to me, at least the one we’d bought)

Things that everyone believes about England:

  • It rains all the time. I can’t agree on this one. It rained maybe 20 days out of ca 120. I think it is even drier than in Switzerland, but I’d say this is because this year was exceptionally dry 😉
  • Drinking tea. Yes, I’d say this is true. You find a cattle everywhere!! And there are a lot more people, who drink tea, however, I haven’t experienced the 5 o’clock tea time 😉

Things (words) that can’t be properly translate to English:

  • Feierabend (celebration evening ? 😉 )
  • Zugabe (an einem Konzert). People here just don’t really do it. I have never doubted that this is a worldwide thing. Learned something new: here the people clap and stamp, but at the Walking on Cars concert it didn’t came to a synchronised rhythm with shouting “Zugabe”.
  • mitdenken (I just couldn’t find a proper translation for this one)
  • En Guete – I really missed this one. It is such an amazing expression. Here you don’t say anything. Somehow people just start eating and rarely they use sentences like “Enjoy you lunch” or “Bon appetite”

Things that I will miss:

  • The Parks. They are just amazing. A place to meet friends, make a picnic, do sports, see sunsets (I will also miss the sunsets!!!),…
  • Shops are open on Sunday. You can go shopping all the time. Okay, not every shop is open every day, but most of them are – so no need to do all the grocery shopping on Saturday 😉
  • Look of Oxford – I will miss High street and the view of all the old buildings, which give Oxford this unique feeling.

Have a good evening!





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