Exploring Dublin

Hey you!

Now it is already 2017!! I wish you all a year full of wonderful, inspiring, great, amazing and exciting moments.

My first blogpost for 2017 is the second part of my days in Dublin! I hope you like it 😉

My Dad and I took it easy and just walked around and went into exhibitions or museumsdsc06126which seemed interesting. The one we planned on visiting for a while was The Guinness Storehouse. Since we both love this dark beer it was a must go! The museum itself presented the process of beer making in a simple and interesting way. You could just walk through the 7 floors and dive into the World of Guinness. The last stop was at the Gravity Bar on top. You could enjoy a free pint of Guinness and a beautiful view over Dublin. I was most impressed by the advertising gallery. They have done interesting, strange and funny ads! Especially that they used the toucan and other animals to promote this beer was surprising for me!dsc06155

Me as a librarian, I had definitely to go to the Trinity College Library with the Book of Kells. I love this old room full of books!! When we first entered the building I wasn’t sure if we are really going to see an old dsc05802library due to the rest of the house looking very modern. But inside there is the treasure hidden. It is just amazing to see all the old high shelfs and the antique and dusty books!!! It made me feel proud of the librarians who build this wealth of knowledge of hundreds of years!!! Also the Book of Kells (actually the exhibition about it) was quite interesting. We learned a lot about the historical background and the way this special book was written and bound. (Which ink they used, who wrote it, ….)



Other stops had been

The Dublinia
This is a history museum with a lot of information about the Viking times and the Middle Age in Dublin and Ireland. It is interesting and they tried to make it easy to understand and designed the whole museum like it probably had looked liked in these historical times!

The Castledsc05746
Here we just entered, because we walked by and though it could be worth going inside 😉 We visited the State Apartments (Prunkräume) and a small art exhibition within. It was not too fascinating, but my Dad and I got an impression of the house, where the important historical people once lived.

When we strolled around to find a nice Pub, I realised that live music is played everywhere! This is great (really!!!). I always enjoy some good music, when I am eating out and unfortunately we don’t have it that often here in Switzerland (that’s a shame 😉 )

So all in all I enjoyed my time in Dublin and I need to go back to Ireland once to see more of all this nature that this country offers!! So if you can, go to Ireland 😉

That’s it again!

Have a good start into the New Year and the new week!!




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