Cancelled flight and the nature of Ireland


I hope you all had a wonderful and lovely Christmas Eve/Day and that you could spend time with your loved ones! I for myself arrived in Switzerland last Wednesday, but before I spent 3 days in Dublin with my Dad.

Let’s begin with my flight to Dublin. As I mentioned in the Bye Bye Oxford post, I arrived at the airport and waited for the time to pass. Unfortunately there was a lot of fog that day and I had to find out that my flight from 16:20 o’clock was cancelled (not delayed – cancelled!!). I was a little bit nervous when I went to the Aerlingus Customer desk, because it was my first time flying alone. Anyways their service was very good and they booked me to another flight on the same day at 20:45. I was glad that I didn’t need to stay overnight in London, but it also meant that I had to wait about 4 more hours!! All this waiting (and hoping that the new flight won’t be cancelled annoyed me at one point due to being stuck there with nothing really to do. When my gate finally was released and I could board it was after 21.00. As soon as I entered the plane and found my place I could relax. (Although I took it way calmer than expected, I really felt somehow safe and relaxed at this point 😉 ). The flight finally left at 22:00 and after 55 min we eventually arrived in Dublin. My Dad also had to wait for me, but at the end we met at the Terminal and made our way to the Hotel. I was so tired and done, when we checked-in, that I went straight to bed.It was a rememberable experience, however, it don’t want it to repeat soon. (waiting 8 hours at the airport is just too long!!)

Gib eine Beschriftung ein

After this, I tell you a little bit about the actual days in Dublin ;-).

Dark Hedges

On one day we decided to make a day trip with a coach to the Giant’s Causeway. It started at 6:30, so we had to get up very early (very early!! 😉 ). This trip included different stops First we had a short one at the Dark Hedges (from the Game of Thrones series). The next bigger stop was at the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. You could walk next to the sea, feel the wind in your hair and walk over a short rope bridge. I really enjoyed being around this places in Northern Ireland. Also the amazing hexagonal stones of the Giant’s Causeway were fascinating. It is a natural wonder which can’t really be explained. Our driver told us a legend with a possible reason 😉 think in such places, where you have cliffs, stones, the

Rope Bridge

sea, the wind, you can still feel the raw and untouched nature. It is just unbelievable that such wonders still exist in the busy, economical world we live in. The last stop was Belfast. We only had one hour to explore this city, so my Dad and I strolled through the Christmas market and ate something. The whole day was great. I’m glad that we decided to do it, even though we book at 22:00 o’clock the previous day and just hope that it worked! (Thanks to Irish Day Tours for this incredible trip!!)



To prevent this post from being too long, I tell you more about my time in Dublin in the next one!

Have a wonderful day!




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