Bye Bye Oxford

Hey you!

Bus to the airport

This was my very last week here in Oxford! I can’t believe how fast this four months went by. I still have this strange feeling of “sadness” because I have to leave and of “happiness” because I will be back home soon. I haven’t told you yet, but I am sitting at London Heathrow waiting for my flight to Dublin while writing this blog post.  Yes, I’m spending the next few days in Ireland with my dad. I just haven’t wanted to fly home directly, so that’s what I came up with! (There will be a post about Dublin soon!!)

But how was my last week like? It was great. Basically finishing off everything and well I was invited to Christmas party 2 and 3. One was from the Education Department. They organised a three course lunch and while we’d been eating delicious Tagliatelle and chocolate tarte dessert, we played a quiz. I really like it, even though I had no idea! But to my defence, you had a picture and first you needed to find out what it is and then changing one vowel that it results in the surname of a staff member. It was funny, but I just didn’t know the surnames of these people!!

Karin and I also received an Oxford cup and some fudge from the library team!! I will definitely miss working with them, because they are all so lovely and just amazing people (Thanks for this great time!!!)

whatsapp-image-2016-12-17-at-13-43-44Yesterday was the big Christmas party from the Said Business School staff. I mean it when I say it was big. First we had some drinks and apero and then we could take a seat in the Nelson Mandela Lecture theatre. There we watched a live show of Said’s got talent. So they (organisation team) prepared a show similar to Britain’s got talent and had some live shows (members of staff who wanted to present something) and some short videos from

Food market

the “auditions” with acts that didn’t made it into the “final”. During the funny acts we’d been served with popcorn and small ice creams! This was already amazing for a Christmas party!! But afterwards, there was a food market and you could just walk around and eat whatever you fancied. (and this for free). The dessert buffet was delicious. So many different cookies and cake and British mince pies… it was really good!!! Also here we received some presents (Oxford University keyrings and Business School pens!!). I appreciated working with this team, too. (Thank you for making this stay possible!!)

Then it was time to go home and walk a last time through Oxford. It is really strange to know that in 24 hours you will be in a total different place. But well I finished packing and prepared everything for today and now here I am. Waiting another three hours till my flight departures!

This is my post for this week. There are some more to come so don’t worry 😉

Have a nice time and see you soon





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