Packing and calling home ;-)


As the title already indicates, this was my last weekend in Oxford. I packed my suitcase, went through my pictures and just took in these special feelings.

Saturday morning began with deciding which clothes I still need and what I can put in my suitcase. After about an hour (or so) I have nicely rolled all my things and placed them in the big suitcase. It is much easier to pack for a return journey, because you don’t have to think about what is necessary or not. Just everything I own has to fit in – that’s it. 😉 I also don’t really care about the weight, because overweight is inevitable. To find out how much overweight it is going to be I filled all the stuff I still need loosely in the case and put it on the scale. About 25 kg is the answer. I think it will be a little bit more when I go to the airport on Saturday, but I would say that’s quite okay 😉

img_20161211_112351This weekend I finally managed to use the first time a Phone box. Since I arrived in Oxford I resolved to use one of these classic red phone booths. I came up with the idea to call my parents and sing the beginning of Adele’s song “Hello”. Last week I already tried it, but unfortunately they weren’t at home. My dad even asked if I know who maybe is calling from Oxford, because “there was a number on the phone, and when you look it up it is from Oxford”. I played the innocent one and said that I maybe have written down our number at a competition 😉  Anyways, I called and it was around 12 in Switzerland and my dad waited very long till he answered. I’ve just wanted to hang up when I heard a Hello. Then I started singing 😉 I only heard another “Hello, who is this?” from my dad. Suddenly I had to laugh out loud!! It was really funny and my dad was a little bit confused, but I hope in a good way!! (Mission achieved 😉

Karin and I also baked. I mean it is Christmas time – so there is no way around biscuits. However, we don’t have a very good baking equipment in our host family, so we decided to go for Cornflakes-Guetzli. They are easy made and very delicious!img_20161212_214116

And we also borrowed the second part of Lord of the Rings. We really weren’t sure if we should give this series another chance, but then we were like “just do it – then we can say we did it 😉 )” Surprisingly, this one was actually quite good. Karin and I like the different story lines and it was some action, which is always great! We still wonder why people like the first one, yet, the second gives us hope for the third one. If everything goes smooth we will watch the last film this week!

That’s it. More or less. I sorted, deleted, and tagged my 3587 pictures from Oxford. There are just too many and I decided to buy 100 pictures for an album. (I created some Collages and I have now 98 photos to order and 100 more from the first part of 2016). I will never ever finish sticking pictures in my album with decorations and metadata. Well, we will see 😉

Have a wonderful, Christmassy evening





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