Christmas party Nr.1 (and some decorations)

Hello there!

This week was a small a roller coaster of feelings. At the beginning I couldn’t wait to start packing (I start tomorrow 😉 ) and if you’d asked me, I would’ve said that I wanted  to be already back at home. The feeling of seeing the end, but having to wait another week was very intensive. But today I was like: Only one more week and then I’m leaving Oxford. – Where is the time gone? – How will it be back at home? – I’m going to miss this time!

Anyway, although the end is reachable Karin and I are still experiencing new things. For example on Monday we had the first Christmas party (similar to Weihnachtsessen – Apero oder so). This one was with all the Bodleian Libraries’ staff. On the invitation they suggested to wear a Christmas hat. Karin and I enjoyed looking for some cute hats and I finally bought an Alice band (Haarreif) and used additionally my Christmas garland. This was the only decoration I allowed myself to buy 🙂

Bodleian choir

The event was quite nice. We met again the other trainees and there was also a magician show. It was impressive when he let the coins vanish and appearing somewhere else and this was really stunning. The food was unfortunately not mine. The catering team walked around with small appetizers that weren’t my taste. But the dessert was delicious.

This week was again often at the desk and you could observe that the students had beenimg_20161209_165952 working on their last presentation before the vacation. I got a new task this week. I needed to check embargos for the Eureka articles. Eureka is the repository of the Said Business School. I think this is interesting, because I could do some research through the different publishers’ policies to find out what we are allowed to do with the article.

Another thing I did, was putting up a Christmas tree and some decoration. I could basically do what I wanted with the decoration stuff the library had. It was fun to play around with the different garlands and to find a nice way to place everything!

On Thursday Britta (who organises these placements) came to visit me and we talked a lot about my experience here in Oxford. (Thanks for making this amazing time possible!!)

img_20161208_225132Thursday evening was English class and afterwards Karaoke night. I always wanted to go to such an event, but I never found somebody who’d voluntary joined me. So when Karin and I found out that at O’Neill’s is a Karaoke night we wanted to go. No, I had no intention to sing, I just felt like this is something funny with good music. (There were a few very good singers, but also some solala ones 😉 ).

That’s it then for this week. Only one week to go.

Enjoy your time




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