Trip to Bath (christmas market and Spa)


On Friday, Karin and I took the day off to visit Bath. This city is famous for the old Roman Baths. But we haven’t gone there due to the baths. We wanted to spend some time strolling through the Christmas Market and later relaxing at the Thermal Spa with its rooftop pool!

Our journey started actually a little bit chaotic. We arrived at the station on time and waited patiently for our train to arrive. After the first train left (we thought that’s the one to London) we realised that the train to London is delayed and the one which had just left had been ours. Tja, we couldn’t do much so we waited another half an hour and took the next one. In Didcot we look for a connecting train. We asked two very friendly men in GWR (Great Western Rail) wests. They recommended us a connection via Swindon. So we had now to change once again, but otherwise we would’ve needed to wait another 50 minutes in Swindon.

stopover (Zwischenstop) 😉

After this journey we arrived at Bath. We had really been looking forward to strolling through the Christmas market and shopping some Christmas presents. I think Bath is a very beautiful city especially with the market. everywhere were musicians, the city centre is car free so you could just walked around and get inspired by this stalls and the music.


Bath is in generally a good shopping city. Not only the market is amazing, but also the variety of different shops. There are normal cloth chains and some small Ramschlädeli with a lot of very cute things!! Unfortunately I had to pay attention not to buy too much because next week I start packing my suitcases and I want everything to fit (we’ll see how it comes out 😉 After being outside for a couple of hours, we queued another hour to enter the Spa. This was a little bit annoying. However, I really wanted to go to the Spa!

This was the best part of the day for me. The rooftop pool was my favourite! I really like it. Also the steam baths were quite cool. Although I had the feeling I can’t breathe, but afterwards I felt very good 😉

The rest of the weekend was filled with doing the laundry. (One last time before we leave!!), buying the last Christmas presents and enjoying the wonderful sunny Sunday with a walk through the city. We also climbed the University Church Tower. The view from there is amazing:DSC05620.JPG

Bye the way, another difference between Switzerland and England is that advent calendars are foiled 😉 I have never seen this before 😉


So have a nice evening




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