Some differences (Part 1)

Hey there!

It is time to write about some things that are not quite the same as in Switzerland. Living in Oxford for nearly 3 and 1\2 months, I can say that I came across a few very interesting, strange, unbelievable and funny differences.

Here is part one:



I was a little bit confused when washed my hands the first time.

In England it is still common to have two taps (TWO!!!): one for warm and one for cold water. I haven’t found out yet, how they produce “lauwarmes” water.

(You find “normal” ones, too, but a lot of places have separate ones 😉 )

Plug sockets

Yes, this one seems to be obvious, since the UK has a different plug than we do. But this is not the only thing. Here you also need to turn on your socket before you can use it. (I wonder a while till I realised why my Steckerleiste hasn’t had power 😉


This comes from the Health and Safety attitude (which they have here):

This is something the people take very seriously. A lot of times before an induction or a tour started the guide/teacher informed us where the fire exit is and that we should leave the building in case of a fire alarm. (Obvious, isn’t it?!). I also experienced a few fire alarm tests during my time here (Education Library – once a week/ Sainsbury Library- once/during an IT-Course- once). img_20161114_104755

Another part of this Health and Safety obsession 😉 is that they don’t have plug sockets in the bath room and the light switch there is actually a rope to pull.

I also saw some stickers next to the hot water tap with the text: “Caution hot water” (this is so logical, I wonder if people here don’t get it?!!!)

Another this is the “new driver” sign: the blue Löli-L is her red.

Keyboards (not the instrument)

The keys on the keyboards are different. I haven’t thought about this before. But very soon I realised that the English people don’t need ö, ä, ü and é, à, è. So they have all the special characters (Sonderzeichen). Also the letters Z and Y are swapped. I luckily got used to the other keyboard quite fast.





This point will probably surprise you. This is one of the things I was really amazed about. You can’t buy already boiled eggs in the store. That just doesn’t exist. I asked the employee at the supermarket (looked at me like I am somehow crazy) and also some staff members (found it funny that we can buy boiled eggs). The thing you possibly find is pickled eggs. But that’s not quite the same 😉

Furthermore, I saw here egg white powder and egg whites im “Tetrapack”. I suppose you probably find these things in Switzerland, too. I just haven’t seen it before 😉

That’s it, but I promise there will be more entry’s like this (I have some more differences for you!)


Working NEWS: We (the Sainsbury Library) got a totally new desk over the weekend! I really like it. It looks very modern and I am looking forward to moving back to the front. The desk is that is to say, currently in the office and I am feeling very hidden (the door behind the desk is the office I am talking about). The customers are always confused if they can enter the room and ask something. 😉


Have a wonderful evening and see ya!






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