Light Festival and “Walking on Cars”


This week I had my last training session with the other library trainees. It was called e-discovery and I found it really interesting. It was all about digitisation projects, digital preservation (Langzeitarchivierung) and Open Access. In the first part a little bit long and the speaker showed us various different project of digitised collections. =>

The second part was about ORA (Oxford University Research Archive) and Open Access. Here I could again compare my knowledge from Zurich with the practice from Oxford. It has similarities like the gold and green route and that all members of the University need to put their work into ORA. I was surprised that they have a rule called “act on acceptance”. That means that all the articles must be submitted to ORA in the three months after they have been accepted from a journal. Unfortunately this isn’t working very well, because many people don’t manage to do it in this amount of time.

I also change English course this week. I’ve decided to go to the CAE (Advanced Certificate) preparation course for the last month. I set out (new learned phrasal verb!) to pass the Certificate next year 🙂dsc05435

Over the weekend there was the Christmas Light Festival in Oxford. ON Friday evening Karin and I first went to the Saxon Tower to see the city by night! It was cool to observe the people down in the streets and I enjoyed the view from the top!! Oxford looks totally dsc05477different when it is dark!

There were also some dancing shows (cute kids, who danced amazing!!) and a few market stalls with hot chocolate or mulled wine or cider (Glühwein).

music 😉

Another activities you could do in connection with this festival, were creating an interactive e-Christmas card (that was fun 😉 ), playing the “light instrument” (sounded better than expected!!!) and on Saturday there was also a small market with food and handy craft stalls We also got a place in the crime improvisation theatre. It was about a case at the North Pole with a gardener (he was innocent!!), a bus conductor (murderer) and few other peculiar characters. It was a good laugh 😉

Karin and I went shopping to benefit from the Black Friday sales. I have the impression, that here in England it is more a thing than in Switzerland. Anyway, we found some cute things!!

I was looking forward to this Sunday since September. Today the band “Walking on Cars” is playing in Oxford. I came across this band about 4 months ago, when I listened to the radio and their song “Speeding car” got stuck in my head. Usually I am not the fan girl person, but from the time I found out that they are having a concert in Oxford, I wanted to see them. So today it’s happening 🙂

=>It was amazing!! I really loved the performance the music is just great!! I enjoyed these hours!! Absolutely perfect!!!

I post this blog post now, because I haven’t uploaded one on Friday, but I’m going to add some pictures and impressions from the concert tomorrow!!

That’s it again.

All the best,


PS: I wish you all a good first advent!





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