Museums and movies


At the weekend Karin and I visited Museums. The Natural History Museum is in a building, which is at least half of the attraction of the whole museum. It has a high roof, which is built out of metal framework. And also their displays are made in a way that I stopped and took some time to read through the information!dsc05399

My favourite part was the skeleton exhibition. They have not only big dinosaurs skeletons, but also bones from other animals like elephants or giraffes was fascinated and curious like a small kid!!


The Pitt Rivers Museum is a room full of glass boxes filled with amazing, strange and peculiar objects. It is a collection of things from all over the world and from different times. It all started when General Pitt Rivers 1884 gave his collection to the University of Oxford. More about the story of this Museum:



I can imagine that this room would fit perfectly in a film. Scene: Good people are hiding behind the showcases and then their chasers destroy everything – kind of a pursuit (Verfolgunsjagdt) 😉

We also had lunch in the “Harry Potter” dining hall. It is img_20161120_124351funny, when all the visitors have to wait outside and you can just walk in (Thanks to the University card!!) 😉 It was stunning to eat in there, but I have to say it was cold!

 Improving our general knowledge: Movies

As I’ve mentioned in other blog post. I have now watched all the Harry Potter movies. And since Karin and I are on this trip of watching movies that somehow everybody else knows we continued img_20161119_192820with Lord of the Rings. This film was recommended from many different sources (my brother, friends,…). Our conclusion: 3 hours of film, but they somehow managed that nothing very important happened.(Sorry Lord of the Ring fans) And the end: it just stops!! Without a final fight or something. It just stops!!  Now we aren’t sure if we should watch the other parts too or if we should leave it?

Additionally we went again to the cinema and this time we watched “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”. It is a very good movie. I fell in love with a few of these beasts. (they are not dangerous!) I can definitely recommend you all to go and watch this film 😉

That’s it for today. See you next time!




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