Time goes by (too fast!!)


Another week is over. When I first though about going abroad for 4 months, it felt like quite a long time. Now only one month is left and I am slowly realising that I am shortly going back to my “normal” life”(feels very strange 🙂 )

waking up to this sky (totally unrelated to my blog post 😉 )

But back to my update of this week. I have to admit: Nothing very amazing or interesting had happened. But there are a few things I can write about.

I am currently improving my Microsoft Word skills. I got the task to make a guide on “How to find industry reports”. First of all, I had to find out what is considered as industry report and then I started using different databases to look for options to easily search for these reports. Then I put together some screenshots of the databases, added some explanations and tried to make everything look nice and understandable. (I hate Word – moving a picture only 1 mm and the whole page rearranges itself!!) But after asking Google and Karin (she is really good in such things) I am finally defeated Word 🙂 It now obeys my commands!

Furthermore, I am now on a daily desk shift. First I was again a little bit nervous, because there are so many things you need to know, but it actually is working quit well and somehow always when I face a difficult question a member of staff walks 🙂 So I never have to press the help bell to call for somebody 😉dsc05329

This week we also celebrated a farewell. Andy (who worked at the Sainsbury Library) left and the team went out for dinner. Karin and I could only join for the drinks (before the food) because we had English class later. We met in a Pub called “The Pint Shop”. It is really nice and they have a lot (a lot!!) of tabs. I ordered a beer with the name “Camden Ink”. It tasted similar to Guinness (but better according to the barkeeper 😉 ).img_20161116_183133

ince we are already speaking of drinks and food: Karin and I made Wienerli im Teig. We actually found sausages that looked (and tasted) like Wienerli. First we wanted to buy the Hotdog ones that were in a can. But then we came across the “Berlinki”.!! It was delicious!!

Okay, I end this post now. (don’t know what else to write about 🙂 )

Have a nice weekend


PS: We have finished the Harry Potter movies!!!img_20161114_192309


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