Quidditch and Dr. Strange

Hello everybody,

Hope you had a good weekend! I did a little bit a crazy thing 😉

On Saturday afternoon, Karin and I played Quidditch. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and


nearly unbelievable. But yes, Karin and I did it. How comes, you may asked? A few weeks ago, I came across a Flyer from the Oxford Quidditch Club. First I thought this is crazy, do people really play this?! But it was stuck in my head and since I am a little bit a weird person I decided to try it out. On Saturday morning I wasn’t that convinced anymore, because it was raining and it is really a little bit hilarious. Anyway, Karin and I went there and I have to admit that it was a lot of fun!! It took me a while to understand the rules and to get which players are doing what. I mean they’re playing with 4 balls and not everybody can use every ball and people also change sometimes their positions. So it was a little bit challenging. After watching a bit, I was soon standing on the field and trying to figure out what to do. One of the other players ran around with me and told me where I was supposed to be and what to do (a good whisperer!!) It was really

these hoops!

fun and I had a great time. And not to forget while you’re running around, chasing the right ball, you have a “broom” to keep between your legs 😉 It is more difficult than I expected, especially when you have to catch or throw a ball with only one hand!! Additionally, it was wet and muddy and I slip a few times (dirty clothes had been the price for this fun afternoon!!).

A big thanks to the Quidditch team to welcome us so friendly! We really enjoyed it!! (I am a little bit sad that we don’t have a Quidditch team in Switzerland 😉

Sunday was an easy going, relaxing day with a little bit of shopping. Later I went to the cinema with a few of the trainees. We watched Dr. Strange. It was a really good film. Even though I found that everything went a little bit too smooth and too easy for Dr. Strange, I think it’s another good Marvel film!!

Okay, that’s it for my weekend, then. It is only 5 more weeks. (I can’t believe that this time went over so fast!!)

Have a nice evening (and enjoy the supermoon!)



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