Bonfire night

Hello you,

This weekend, the 5th November, was Bonfire night. I have never heard about this day before. People make big Bonfires (really big ones) and they burn Guy Fawkes, who once wanted to burn down the House of Parliament. Unfortunately they found out before he could make his plan come true. Till now they are burning him symbolically on this night. There is also a famous rhyme about it:

“Remember, remember
the Fifth of November
Gunpowder, treason and plot;
I know of no reason
why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.”

It reminded me a lot of the Bög, when I saw the bonfire. But despite the similar looking body, there are no fireworks inside Guy Fawkes and it has nothing to do with a prediction about the weather ;-). There was also a wonderful fireworks display and a fun fair. I enjoyed it even though it was cold!! (really, really cold!!) I was freezing in spite of putting on many layers of clothes, wearing a hat, a scarf and gloves!

Sunday Karin and I went to the University Church to attend a service. We were both curious about the services here in Oxford. For me it was a little bit of stress, because we had kind of a script and we were meant to say some phrases after the president said a specific sentence. It was also difficult to understand what the service was about. I found the sermon (the things I understood) very interesting. It made me think about how much we can understand with reasoning and what lies beyond. I would’ve never though that I am one day attending a church service in another country!! It was worth an experience.

University Church (Picture from September)

After that (we were again nearly frozen due to the not heated church), we did some shopping. I bought a very warm and thick scarf, so that I hopefully won’t freeze anymore 😉 And some Christmas presents 😉

At the café, where we ate lunch, we started a conversation with Shiv (a guy, who asked if we are from Germany). It was an interesting chat about architecture, the connection between law, politics, economy and if we life inside a cog or if we see the cog (the mechanism) moving from the outside (political structures and stuff). Quite challenging to talk about such topics in English, but really interesting!!

Additionally, I want to mention that Karin and I reached the 6th Harry Potter movie. So there are only two left now! (I don’t want them to stop!!!) We still like the series, although the scenes are getting darker, and darker and a little bit more brutal. But it remains exciting 😉

The rest of the weekend I spent with thinking about my future, what I am going to do in January and if I want to go studying next summer (and what?). I don’t know yet, but I am exciting to see what comes out at the end!!

That’s it for today.

See you next time!



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