Time for a change (sounds way too meaningful ;-) )

Hey there!

Today is definitely more than half of my time in Oxford over (only 6 weeks to go ;-/ ).

So, I have swap libraries with Karin. From Wednesday on I was fulltime at the Sainsbury Library at the Said Business School. But on Monday and Tuesday Karin and I handed over our worked to each other.

I think I explained the whole Mendeley stuff a little bit complicated, but at the end I had the feeling that Karin understood what she is supposed to do 😉

She then showed me how the reclassification from the Annexe (a part of the collection from the Sainsbury Library) works and how to change all the shelf marks in the system and physically. We also moved a lot of books around and it was quite a work out. If you ever wonder why I’ve so strong arms – now you know! ;-).

These are the books we have to process (and there are two more walls with books!!)

On my first day there alone (without Karin) I was introduced to the desk. Hannah, the trainee, explained me how to deal with the daily tasks and showed me the most important things. (I could already help a few students!!)

I was surprised, when Mike (another member to the team) came to cover our break, because he said “Es ist halb elf.“ I checked my wrist clock and was like “Hä, it is half 10.” (Here they say the time a little bit different than in German!) I needed a few seconds till my brain figured out that this wasn’t English 😉 Mike explained then that he’d had German at school and we had a short chat in German 😉

On Monday after work (sorry it’s not really chronological 😉 ), Karin and I decided to spent some time in the very old Duke Humphreys Library. It is really a privilege to be able to go inside this library and we felt very special! We didn’t learned or so, I just read a little bit (current book: Glass sword – Victoria Aveyard).  But most of the hour we stayed there, I looked around and took in the atmosphere and this special feeling 😉 I really want to do this again. Maybe on a weekend just for a few hours!!

That’s it again for this week!

See you on Monday!



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