Salsa, scones and parlour games (with amazing friends!!)


This week and weekend were busy. I spent the last days in the Education Library. I tried to finish all the tasks and enjoy the rest of my time there. On Friday I was again in a lecture about library spaces and how sometimes the signs are very controversial (Is it a silent or a group work zone?) A very interesting presentation from the sociologist Eva-Christina Edinger!! (Thanks!)

Here Blog:

Thursday evening I met my friend Flavia. She spontaneously decided to visit me in Oxford this weekend! We first had some amazing burgers and drinks in the Big Society (the first time I went to a restaurant, I’ve already been before 😉 ). I ordered something with a floaty. I got a Cuba Libre (rum and Cola) with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on top. For me this was a very strange combination (never heard of this before!!). Despite my doubts it was actually really good (and fun!!).

After this Flavia and I went to a Salsa class. We had a lot of fun, however, it was difficult to understand the English pronounced names of the figures and sometimes I had the feeling I can’t dance 😉 Soon, I got the hang of the teacher and it worked out quite well. In our medium level group were all women and the only man was our teacher. So Flavia and I decided, as we are able to, we dance the man steps. This was a little bit confusing for the others because we sometimes just changed from man to lady 😉 I realised I really missed dancing!!

Balliol College

Friday evening we spent again together. And this time Karin joined us. After work we all img_20161028_214706met and we had lunch in a Burger restaurant (forgot the name). Then we had a walk through the city by night. We just took any street that seemed interesting and we spoke, laughed and it was just a nice stroll. Afterwards we found a Pub (St. Aldates Tavern), where there was live music. So we went inside and enjoyed some probably 60’s to 80’s music (I really liked it!!). The atmosphere was cosy and we found some board games. I think it was quite fun to watch us, how we sat in this pub, listened to music a played Jenga (in miniature) and a fish game (something like Floundering?). (We are full age, but definitely still kids in some ways 😉 )


On Saturday Karin and I showed Flavia around (during the day this time). We made a tour through different colleges. Of course the famous Christ Church (again 😉 ), but some more, like Balliol and Lincoln and one I also haven’t visited yet: St. Johns Colleges.

We came across a Vintage market a decided spontaneously to have look inside. I found some great short dungarees (hope that’s the correct word for it 😉 )

Later we ate had some afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie.dsc04857 This was amazing. I had seen a few times other people eating cakes, and scones from a small étagère and I wanted to do this, too. Flavia and Karin also liked this idea, so we went into a cafe and order it. It was really delicious. You get some mini sandwiches in different variations, some scones with cream and jam and some sweet chocolate and fruit cakes. It was really cool!!

Today, we met again to eat some delicious blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then bring Flavia to the right bus. It was an amazing weekend and I really appreciated and enjoyed the time with Flavia (Thank you for visiting me so spontaneously!!)

That’s it for this week!

See ya 😉



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