Birthday girl ;-)


Friday was my 19th birthday (YaY 😉 ) I had a wonderful day, even though I missed all my friends and family a lot (I really like to have my loved ones around me on such special days). But despite that I also celebrated here. In the morning, we had a long birthday break at the library. We ate the muffins I baked on Thursday and some more sweets. They even sang for me Happy Birthday in various (6) different languages: German, Italian, English, French, Polish and Arabic! (quite multicultural!!)

In the morning I worked with Karin, who had joined me at the Education Library, to make a list with all the dissertations from 2016. It was funny to read a little bit to find out which research method they had used. (not easy due to the fact that we weren’t sure which methods even exist, but interesting to flick through the pages 😉 )

Wig and Pen

I had the afternoon off to spend some time with Margrit and Martina (some Swiss colleagues from the Hauptbibliothek Zürich). I showed them around Oxford and this time was a little bit better prepared than when my parents visited me. 😉 I could tell them stories the guide from the other tour told us. So I think they got a lot of interesting information about Oxford!!

In the evening we all ate together (With Karin, too). I decided to go to a restaurant/Pub called “Wig and Pen“. It seemed like it had just recently opened its doors! I really like the decoration and the style in general!  Later there was also a DJ and some disco lights. Unfortunately, the music started good, but got worse after time ;-/ However, Martina, Karin and I enjoyed the rare good songs with a dance!! It was fun and a very nice ending for my 19th Birthday!! (Thanks for coming Margrit and Martina!! I really enjoyed the time with you!!)


The actual weekend was spent with a little bit more sightseeing with the guest from Switzerland and more exchange of information about what’s going on in the Hauptbibliothek and just in general what had happened the last two months!

When I arrived back home on Saturday, I had a lot of post! There had been a letters, some birthday cards and even some small parcels! It is amazing to know that so many people care about me and take time to write me a few lines or send me a presents!! (Thanks to all the letter and card writes!!!) I was enormously happy!!!dsc04746

Today I visited the Ashmolean museum again with Karin and Martina. There had been so many things that I haven’t realised last time I was there. I found it interesting and to round the weekend down, we ate together at the rooftop restaurant from the museum!

That’s it again!

See you soon 😉



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