The photocopier hates me and some muffins ;-)

Hello you!!

I am definitely cursed!! Just when I started working in the Education Library in August, the whole University got new photocopiers. And I had to do some digitising with them during the last few weeks. I really don’t try to break them, but every time I started scanning a chapter something didn’t’ work out as it should. I am very kind to the printers, I don’t shout at them and they just keep not working. And you may think that after a few times I know how to go around the problem. Wrong! It is every time something different. Today for example, I started scanning and suddenly the photocopier decided to do a restart 😉 Anyways, I came to the conclusion that new printers, no matter where they are, are just not working as they should (it was similar with the new printer at Hauptbibliothek, where I worked before 😉 ).

There have also been some more literature research induction for the MSc students. My job was to walk around and help them when they had been stuck during the exercise. Additionally, I wrote the synonyms on the white board, while Cathy explained how to form a search strategies. Fortunately, I haven’t made orthography mistakes this time ;-). And I even had to write some words, which I have never heard before like truancy 😉 (=Schulschwänzen). I also found out that the British people don’t write the number one with this small roof. Instead they only write a line. I was a little bit confused, when they laughed after I wrote the number 16, but I was pretty sure that I’ve written the number correct!!! Now I really think it’s funny that they don’t write a “normal” number 1.

all the boxes 😉

Another task I did, was packing fragile books and booklets into “archivtaugliche” boxes. This wasn’t difficult or very interesting, but for me just a good change from the Mendeley lists. The special thing is, that every box is exactly measured for a booklet. So there are nearly not two boxes with the same size!!dsc04429

And before I forget, I baked today, because it is my birthday tomorrow 😉 The point is that I had to bake without a scale. I only had a measuring cup with millilitres. With a little help from the “Internet” and “Google” I found a conversion table with for example 150ml are 100g flavour. So at the end it came out very well, even though I had to guess a little bit 😉

marble, blueberry and apple cinnamon ones!!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!!



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