Getting my very first tattoo (and visiting Stonehenge)


Since my last entry was a little bit late and my weekend entry follows on Monday, I decided to only upload one big with all the things that happened the rest of the week and on the weekend 😉

It was a very short working week, because I had Monday (my parents) and Friday (London) off. So I have only been at the library for three days.

In this days, we had many Mendeley inductions for the new MSc students. It was interesting to help and to see their reactions, when Cathy showed them how you can cite within Word and with one more click your whole reference list is done for you! (I was stunned too, when I saw it the first time!! 😉 ) Most of them were very impressed and everyone was keen on knowing more about the APA citation style and how to add new references to Mendeley!

Friday was a very exciting day for me (one I probably won’t forget!!). Karin and I went to London again with the mission to get my very first tattoo (exiting!!! 😉 ) I was thinking about getting one for a long time, but just during the last few months, I started to really thinking about it more concrete. The other time in September, when we had been to

getting ready (and nervous!)

London, we already had checked out a few tattoo studios and spoke with the people about the design, and all important stuff. And well, this Friday, we went there, and I got my tattoo! I was really nervous, although I was a 100 percent sure about my design! The lady at the reception printed it out for me and we adjusted the size. My actual appointment was a few hours later. So in the meantime, Karin and I went to St. Paul’s Cathedral (but we didn’t go inside) and we did some more shopping. When we came back to the studio my heart was beating and I was so nervous. Fortunately Francisco did a great job!! He was a nice tattoo artist (I was a little bit afraid that I get a scary one 😉 ) We put the stencil on my skin,arranged it the perfect way and

here we go 😉

then it got really serious! I laid down on the “bed” and after “Are you ready?” – “Yes!”. It began. It hurt, yes, but since it only took about 5 minutes it wasn’t that much of a deal for me. I was so happy afterwards. You can ask Karin how hyped up I was (me constantly repeating “OMG I did it!! It is amazing I really did it!!). For me it’s just perfect and as I wanted it to be!!! (Big thanks to Francisco and the Tattoo Family Business!!). Even now, a few days later, I am always checking that the tattoo is still there (I know that it will last forever, but just in case 😉 ).

dsc04326On Sunday, we were invited by Chris (head of the Sainsbury library) to a trip to Stonehenge. It was an amazing day. Chris and her husband showed us not only dsc04399Stonehenge, but they also stopped at the Old Sacrum and showed us two white horses. White horses are white marks on the hills. A few of them are very old and others are newer. We saw the Uffington White Horse, which is a very stylised, special one and then we saw one, which look more like a real horse. So even I could recognise what it is 😉

Stonehenge was amazing. First we walked through the exhibition, where different displays explained the history of these mysterious stones. It is unbelievable how old they are and how the people managed to get the stones from probably across the country to this place. I also haven’t know before, that these stones where moved and placed differently over time. Even though you couldn’t walk through the stones, it was amazing to walked around them and see these World heritage. (Thanks to Chris for the invitation to this trip around the country!!)dsc04349

After a whole day of exploring I am very tired, and I am just finishing this blog entry and then I am going to sleep!!

So have a good night 😉



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