Family time


No excuses for my delayed blog post! I spent a wonderful weekend (plus Monday) with my parents, so I just hadn’t time for something else 😉dsc03965

On Saturday evening, they arrived and we met for a delicious dinner in the Pub with the name “Cape of Good Hope“. I was very happy to see my parents again after two months. We spoke a lot on this evening. Just about everything that was going on, had happened and what our plans for the following two days were.

My task for this weekend was to play the guide 😉 So first thing we did on Sunday was a walking tour. Owing to the fact that I don’t know all the interesting, mysterious and fascinating stories about the city of Oxford and its former inhabitants, I thought that this is the perfect start. (and I haven’t been to this 2 hours walking tour before, so it was interesting and new for me, too 😉 The tour, we attended was super!! Our guide knew many tales and stories and he told it in a very catching way! (Thanks to Footprint tours!!)

Christ Church – Tom Tower

There was for example a man from Christ Church, whose hobby was to collect animals (alive or dead) and he said he had tasted his way through all the animals. He was once invited to Paris and he was asked to taste something and guess what it is. The only rule, he should not swallow it. It’s worth to much!! He swallowed this mysterious thing. The French people were shocked. Wonder what he swallowed? It was the last part of the heart of Louis the 14th! At least that’s how the rumours go 😉

More about this story:

We also had a look at Magdalene College and strolled through the big garden/forest. We saw the deer that they have there!!

We ate dinner in a fancy Thai restaurant It is special because the decorations is inspired by the street food stalls from Thailand. It was kind of crazy, there are bicycles hanging from the ceiling!!(Unfortunately I don’t have a sharp picture of it)

On Monday we had an interesting tour through the castle. (Thanks to Jeffrey 😉 )  Jeffrey, dsc03917our tour guide, was a monk (from the 12th Century), who told us all about the different people, who lived there, the rooms, the tower and just everything about the castle and the prisons. At the end there was even a “prisoner wall”, where we took pictures from the front and from the side!! Just like real prisoners 😉 The one hour long lasting tour was much fun and absolute worth it!!

Harry Potter dining hall

Next stop: Christ Church
I also finally managed to visit the famous Christ Church!! This is the place, where the dining hall is the example for the Harry Potter dining hall!! It was very big and impressive. Not only the dining hall, but also the cathedral and the courtyard were amazing!

This was a wonderful time with my parents. I really appreciated their visit and I was proud to show them where I am spending my time! Thank you very much for coming 😉

With this said, have an amazing day!

See you soon



2 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Hello Olivia. Regards from HBZ-M – were things are proceeding… but are not quite the same anymore.
    Sandra is definitely a pensioner in the meantime and Margrit’s on the best way there. New people have startet their work. To sum up- you can say it doesn’t get boring at all. Every week something new. 😉 Keep enjoying your stay! And thanks for the nice blog.

    Lg Liliane

    1. Hello Liliane,
      Nice to hear from you (and the HBZ-M 😉 )! I really have the feeling that time is flying at the moment!
      Thank you for your comment 😉
      Have a wonderful day (or evening)

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