Sick?! and more Inductions

Heya (that’s what many people here say 😉 )

This week was okay. I probably caught a cold in London, so I had a runny nose (I needed thousands of tissues!!) and I felt not the best at the beginning of this week. Due to my nearly cold, I was even sent home on Tuesday afternoon. I didn’t feel like I should go home, but I was really on the brick of getting really ill. So after a little bit of discussing (mostly in my head 😉 ), I went home. And it was definitely the right decision, then I felt way better after a few hours of sleep, a little bit chicken soup (Thanks to my host mother!!) and some cups of tea.


On Wednesday I could join another trainee session (the one on Tuesday I unfortunately missed) This time, it was about how librarians can support disabled readers. I found it very interesting, because I’ve never really thought about how libraries can help or what you have to think about, in case you have a reader with dyslexia (Legasthenie) or with hearing impairments. I was also impressed of the variety of things the Bodleian Libraries provide for their disabled readers! For example extended loans for people, who need longer to read a book due to learning disorders. It was very helpful for me!

The next day I spent at the Sainsbury Library to help with their MBA student (Master of Business Administration) inductions. I basically provided that all the exercises and laptops are ready and I was the photographer 😉 . It was not a normal (“boring”) induction. The MBA students had to solve a challenging quiz in form of a comic strip. They had to find out, which databases to use and then to find the correct answers. There was also a price for the best group (for the motivation!!): a 50 pound voucher for a restaurant next to the Business School!! All students found this competition very interesting and they said, they learned what a variety of databases the library has access to and what range of different articles/reports usw. you can find!!dsc03511

Friday were more PGCE workshops from the Education Library regarding searching literature online (journal articles …). This day was exhausting, because it was four times the same presentation. But for me it was a good experience to see what it is like to have workshops all day long. And even though it is the same presentation, every time is different due to different students, inputs or time management. In the afternoon I had the chance to help not only during the exercise part (walking around and answering questions of the students), but also drawing on the special whiteboard thing (connected with the computer?), while the students had to think about synonyms!  I enjoyed this day, but I was happy when we finally could leave the IT room (which had no windows)!

That’s it from this week, see you!



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