London <3

Greetings from London!!

This weekend I spent in London. On Saturday morning Karin and I took the train to London and only one hour later we arrived at Paddington station. From there it was only a few minutes on foot till we reached our first stop: Primark. It is crazy how many people go shopping in there and how big the whole store is. We were more than three hours in the Primark. I was overwhelmed by all this stressed people and even though I really like shopping there, I was relieved as we were ready to pay, so we could leave the shop!


Later we did something amazing. On Thursday, we had been looking for an evening plan. Coincidentially we found the Skygarden, and we were even lucky enough to get the last free table in the Darwin’s Brasserie in the Skygarden. Without this table reservation, we


would have missed the chance to have this stunning view on top of London (you need a free visitor ticket during the day or a table reservation to go there!). The restaurant was a great. We felt very special, dsc03099because it was nobler than the places where we usually eat. The food was delicious too and the waiter very friendly and helpful!! After we finished we walked around and enjoyed the view. I can’t describe how awesome it was. You saw all over London: Towerbridge, Londoneye, Gherkin just next to us, some more skyskrapers (or high houses), …

In this house was the Skygarden

The next day we did some sightseeing. We visited the Towerbridge. I was fascinated by the glass bridge. There you saw the cars driving by under your feet. It was interesting and a little bit scary, but the floor didn’t broke! On one way there was a mirror at the ceiling, so we laid on the ground (glass) and took some funny pictures!!


Then it we had our daily exercise. When we reached the “Monument”, we were surprised by the number of steps. We had to climb 311 steps up and then down. It was exhausting!! (On the way down I counted, but I only came to 306 steps 😉 )

We had planned to have a look at the Borough market. Unfortunately it was closed on Sunday, so we met my friend Marina from Switzerland in a restaurant near Piccadilly Circus.


To do something for our general knowledge we went to the National Gallery. It was quite big and we spent a lot of time in there, walking around, discussing paintings (and having fun with interpreting what the story behind could be).

Then it was already time to go back to the train station. On the way back, we made a short stop in Hyde Park and enjoyed a sunset.


We were very tired when we arrived in Oxford and I haven’t even unpacked my things, I went straight to bed as soon as we reached our home!

That was my London weekend!

Wish you a great start into the week and see you soon!



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