Start of Michaelmas term!

Hello you!

This week the new PGCE students started. Now it’s getting very busy in the whole department and in the library.

On the induction-Monday, I supported everybody with setting up their Wi-Fi (eduroam). I also had the chance to do two short library tours. I was very excited and nervous. On one hand I really like presenting things and passing on my knowledge, but I am every time so nervous. And this Monday it was even worse because I had to do it in English and even though I can communicate quite well, I had the fear that I somehow can’t improvise in case I forget a part! Much trouble before, but as soon as I started, it went smoothly. I’m sure I have missed some points, however, I am proud that  I had the possibility to do it and I am proud that I did it!!! (Yeah!!) 😉dsc02745

On Tuesday, my day started with run through South Park. At the moment I can really stay on track with running (at least twice a week)!
Later when I arrived at the library, my day suddenly got more challenging and exciting. Karin and I entered and about 4 people were standing in front of the CLOSED library door. They asked us why the library is closed. I was like: “OMG, why is the library closed? I have only once watched how to do is…where are the other staff members? Is it really Tuesday? Have I missed something?”. After this shocking first moment, Karin and I opened the library in a hurry, tried to help the customers that have already been there. In a calm minute, we search the number of Cathy (the boss) to tell her that we are the only staff members in the library. Unfortunately she was in a meeting and had her phone on silent mode. So Karin and I continued with doing the morning tasks. The yellow folder with all the information was very helpful due to all the important processes and detailed information about the opening routine. About an hour later, Cathy arrived at the library and we checked that everything is correct. After this Karin and I had really earned our tea break! But I am again proud of Karin and me, that we (after only 4 weeks with no desk duty) could manage this whole situation!!

The rest of the week was not that outstanding. (Okay after this start, it’s difficult to top it!) I continued with some digitising, editing reading lists in Mendeley and sometimes helping with the customer’s inquiries at the desk. (My working station is next to the reception!).

On Friday, we had the chance to go to a lecture about library spaces. It was a very interesting to see what they found out in a three year long project. They spoke with students, academics, librarians, visited other libraries across the world and presented us the results they found out!

Okay, this post is already long enough! So take care and see you next time (Monday or Tuesday) for a post about my weekend in London!









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