Botanic Garden and not much more ;-)


This weekend had a comfy beginning. dsc02804

Karin and I spent the whole Saturday inside. We did some laundry (this time without any colouring problems!) and we just enjoyed this lazy day. Oups, I’m wrong. We left the house to do some grocery shopping at Tesco’s. And even though we are already a few weeks here, we have always one or two items on our list, which either don’t exist here (Brät, Fleischkäse, Spätzli, Cervelat) or we don’t find them. If you wonder how we do the grocery shopping: Basically we walk through the aisles, back and forth and a little bit zigzag. At the end of such a trip, we have already finish our fitness programme for the day!! (Okay, no I exaggerate a little bit! 😉 ).
This time we looked for some boiled eggs. We asked one of the employees and he led us to a shelf with glasses. Then he pointed out a glass full of pickled eggs – not what we expected!! At the end we decided to boil some eggs by ourselves.

We also watched a DVD (The School of Rock) and went out for dinner. This time we went to the “Big society”. It’s a nice restaurant with cool decoration (pages of a book pasted on the wall!) and a live DJ (he did something with old vinyl’s, but it sounded like a normal playlist SORRY 😉 ).

On Sunday the weather was better, so we decided to run the risk of wet towels and we washed our beddings and hang them out! After this work was done, we had a look at the Botanic Garden.


It is the oldest one in the UK!! It was amazing! Usually I’m not the person, who likes walking through a garden and having a look at all different plants, but this time I took the time to really have a close look and to take some nice pictures, too. It is astonishing, that in the middle of Oxford, dsc02860such a variety of plants and flowers grow. We even so some pineapples and bananas. Okay, they were in the glass house, but anyways!! There were so many more things to see that we spent quite a lot time in there.

About 1 and a half hours later, we strolled to a Café called “The Vaults and Garden” and I had a tea and a scone. I thought that I at least once have to try this pastry! I felt very British at this moment!

The rest of the day we spent reading, tidy up the rooms and not doing too much.

That’s it!

Have a nice Monday evening and enjoy the week!






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