Already a month abroad!

Hey there!

Yes, I am already one whole month abroad! The time went by so fast, I don’t really realise that a quarter is over! But anyways, here is my blogpost for this week!

Library related stuff:

This week Cathy (my boss) stole Karin from the Sainsbury Library, so we could put the books on the brand new shelfs in the corridor and to prepare the PGCE inductions (PGCE=Postgraduate Certificate in Education) on Monday. The shelfing was fun. We used this roiling ladder/stairs! I am a fan of them. It feels very old style and special to use it!!

More about the Library on Facebook:

Yes, I am wearing a dress, but only to celebrate the last hot summer days!!

I also work a lot with the reference manager Mendeley to prepare the reading lists for the students, who will start in a few weeks! This was an interesting task for me, because I have barely used such reference managers before. Unfortunately, the programme had some problems with synchronising and saving after the it made an update. That was annoying!! However, on Friday it worked again without problems (I hope that’s not just a false sense of security 😉 )

On the way to another training sessions with the other trainees, dsc02767Karin and I walked along a river. There we found a nice boat with my name!! The topic from this session was Costumer Care. I found it very helpful and exiting. We discussed different behaviours (aggressive, submissive and assertive) and how you could cope  in a good way with such people. This sessions also involved some short theatres from the teachers, where we could direct the customer care service role how to act in the different situations! The one thing that stuck in my head is:

“You can’t change the customer, you can only change your own behaviour!!”

Thanks again to Milly and Hillary for this course!!

Not library stuff 😉

We had an English lessons about idioms on Tuesday. Do you know what they could stand for?

Pull your socks up!                                                                  Mach vorwärts!

Set the ball rolling                                                                  start a longer process (project)

Pulling the strings                                                                  Die Fäden ziehen

(Solution for “five o’clock shadow“= when men shaved their faces in the morning and in the evening they have some stubbles)


Karin and I enjoyed again a wonderful sunset in the Park (I’m really gonna miss this!!!).

Till now I still had the feeling of summer, but on Thursday we had a nice foggy autumn morning. You could nearly grab the fog around you!! The atmosphere on our way to the library was amazing (and a little bit scary 😉 )

Jep, that’s it from this week!

See you on Monday!







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