Oxford Open Doors


img_20160909_221351Have you ever felt like “Night at the Museum”? I have. Last Friday at the Ashmolean Museum on an event called “LiveFriday”. There it opens it doors from 7-10:30 PM. This time was the theme “Under the Sea”. The programme was filled with treasure hunts, handicrafts, pirate music, fancy dresses and much more. I was stunned by this big museum itself and the event increased the impression even more. Karin and I walked through the different galleries. During this we img_20160909_211643attended a quiz (way too difficult questions about seas, ships, literature, …). But we won a consolation prize. I got a cute parrot! We also came along a comedy group, which made improtheater. I’ve never seen this kind of comedy show before, but it was very funny!! In the lecture theatre, we found a story telling woman. I already forgot about the content of the story (ups!), but I remember the dance we did afterwards. It was funny to do some easy dances with random people. We all just enjoyed this carefree moment! Even though I am officially an adult, I had to handicraft my own jellyfish for the jellyfish parade. This evening was great and I will visit this museum again, when I have more time to have a look at all the ancient pieces and stories!

inside Madgalene College

Saturday and Sunday the Oxford Open Doors took place. That means many Colleges and other places opened their doors and you can go for free into this buildings. Although it rained on Saturday, Karin and I walked the whole day around and saw same interesting things. On Sunday we were blessed with a beautiful summer/autumn day. Here are a few impressions of the different colleges (and other places) we explored.

  1. Fire station
    It was like a throwback to my childhood. Even now I was fascinated by the cars and the pole I like the most. Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to try it out!
  2. St. Michaels at the Northgate tower
    From here, we enjoyed a view over the roofs of Oxford. (You see we had fun in the rain 😉 )
  3. At the Weston Library
    Here we got a cool Oxford bag and had an interesting talk with a University apprentice. We are even in their twitter now: https://twitter.com/OxUniApprentice?lang=en-gb
    There we also saw an old printing machine, where we could help to print our own Oxford sign!
  4. C.S. Lewis Grave
    After a nice stroll through Headington (a quarter in Oxford), we reached the Holy Trinity Church. It is a nice small church with a big connection to C.S. Lewis. There you find a Narnia dedicated window and the grave of this man.
  5. Blackwell Bookshop
    From the outside it seems like a normal bookshop, but when you go downstairs … it is amazing. A maze-like underground bookstore. (I bought a book, although I shouldn’t, because my suitcase won’t get lighter like this 😉 )
  6. University Church
    This is an impressive church in the middle of Oxford. On the inside, there are different parts that are a little bit parted from each other. And we realised that they have very nicely made pillows to sit on.
  7. Madgdalen College
    That’s the college I walk by every day. It has an extensive meadow and beautiful old buildings (as about every college 😉 ). Sadly, the tower isn’t open top public due to “Health and Safety” reasons.
  8. Other Colleges (Queens, Lincoln, Exeter, Trinity, University College, Balliol)
    The colleges are all built similar regarding the rooms/places they have. You usually come across a lawn framed with buildings, a dining hall (with wood tables and portraits), a chapel, and sometimes a garden or cloisters or a meadow. I really like the Queens and the Trinity College!

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You see, I am always around to discover some new places or events!!

See you next time!



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