A fair, Yoga and some old buildings!

Hi there!

I start with an entrance question.

“Have you ever been to an English Fair?” (=> it’s basically like a “Chilbi” in Switzerland.)
On Tuesday Karin and I had the chance to walk through the St. Giles Fair. We have even been on one of the rollercoasters. Okay, it wasn’t a real rollercoaster. It was more a carousel. I guess its name is something like “chain swing”, but I’m not even sure what we call it in German. Maybe “Kettenkarussell? ;-).

On the fair I had another interesting (in a not so positive way 🙂 ) experience. I felt like eating a hotdog (like the ones we have in Switzerland!!). I found a stall, which sold some. The sausages looked actually quite delicious. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste anything like a normal “Wienerli”. It wasn’t as smooth as it (in my opinion) should be. You could feel the small pieces and it tasted almost like nothing. So I recommend you NOT to eat this British hotdogs. (at least I won’t eat it one again!!)

To recover from the not so delicious dinner, I had some tasty chocolate fruits and a freshly made donut!!

Next stop: Yoga.
I managed to register myself at Brookes University Sports. Now I can attend Yoga (and other group fitness) classes. I really had Yoga withdrawal (haven’t been to a class since I arrived in Oxford!). So I was really looking forward to the lesson on Wednesday morning at 7 o’clock. Yes, it seems a little bit early, but the studio is only 5 minutes away and I always wake up sometime around 6:30, so why not? After the 45 minutes I felt exhausted. We made many different poses, even a few advanced ones. I liked it and have already booked the next one (yay!), but I was quite intensive to understand what to do. I mostly copied what the other people did ;-).

Some library stuff:
Karin and I have the chance to attend a few of the trainings, that the other library trainees from the Bodleian Library have. On Thursday, we had the first session. It began with tour through the amazing Old Bodleian Library and continued in through the Gladstone link to the Radcliff camera. (These are all very old libraries). It was impressive. Every room was a dream of an old library. For me the most wonderful place was the Duke Humphrey library. Unfortunately, you were not allowed to take pictures!!(it is really a pity that I can’t show you these beautiful libraries!). After the tour, we had some drinks in the Divinity School. Another old and nice building. There I talked to the different other library trainees. It was a funny coincidence that I met an Olivia, who grew up in Switzerland, too!! (but in Geneva not in the German part).

Radcliff camera from the outside (yes, that’s a libary!)

For me it was very inspiring to speak with them, because every one had anther reason to do this traineeship in the library. And they are from all over Europe and the UK (Netherlands, Lithuania, …).

An in the blink of an eye another week is over. (already the third one!!)

What we did on Friday evening you can read in my next post! (it has something to do with the Ashmolean Museum)

Have a nice evening!



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