Laundry and Food!

Hello !

This is now my weekend post.

IMG_20160905_180048The weather wasn’t as good as last week, so I started my Saturday with reading. I finished a very impressive and intensive book. “it ends with us” from my favourite author Colleen Hoover is AMAZING!! IT shows how a person can make you feel loved and happy and in the next moment you are afraid of the same human! At the end I was sitting on my bed with tears running down my cheeks. It isn’t my favourite book from Colleen Hoover (that’s November 9), but it is a really touching, heartbreaking and eye opening story about domestic abuse, love, decision and life! It goes behind the surface and made me think about these things!!

After this I felt like this:14677_848297568549582_8358231266449611361_n

So Karin and I decided to do the first time our laundry!


In the beginning we felt quite optimistic. We made different piles with light and dark clothes. After a short induction from Sheila (host mother) about using the washing machine we we’re ready to go. 55 minutes later, the first load was finished. We started the second one and began to hand up the clothes.Unfortunately it rained outside, so we had to put all the things on the banister and in our rooms.

All in all, we made 4 machines and this are things that didn’t go as planned 😉 :

  • I forgot to unpacked my pockets, so all the clothes were full of small pieces of tissue
  • I also forgot to shake out my towel (that was full of grass) before putting it in the machine
  • And again my mistake, we washed white towels with my orange one. Now we have slight pink towels instead of plain white ones. – hups 😉

Yep, you see I am a beginner in house holding 😉 But after 4 months I’ll maybe have reached the next level! (at least I hope so!!!)

very delicious dark beer!!

On Sunday I went to the Foodies Festival that took place in Southpark. Thanks to our University card, we got free admission. Yeah!! There were many stalls with interesting salty and sweet foods (cupcakes, macarons, BBQ, cheese, vine, beer, other alcohol, tea, …) We tried pork crackling. I asked what it is and the answer: pork skin, twice cooked and then seasoned). It tasted like crips (chips), but I’d better not asked what it was 😉

hdrThere was also a stage, where some bands performed. I really liked “The curious incident”. I even bought a CD of them!!

This was our weekend.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you soon!



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