First “real” working days

Hey there!

This week went by very fast. Maybe because it just started on Tuesday 😉

I’m now full-time at the Bodleian Education Library. I mostly worked on the reading lists, but I could also order some of the books we don’t own on amazon or put it on an E-Book list. It’s cool that I can work independently although I’m only the “first” week there. I also was introduced to the information desk tasks like open and close the library, lending books etc. The special thing is that it is the library desk and at the same time the reception of the Department of Education. So you need to know the people who work in the offices (or at least the ones that were often asked). In case I don’t know something they have a yellow folder with every information in it. I think that’s a great security in case it happens that I’m alone at the desk!

On Wednesday I met Anne in the tea break. She’s been working and living in Oxford for about 10 years and she’s from Switzerland. So we had an interesting talk in Swiss German!

And I received my Oxford University Card!!!!! It’s pretty cool, because you get many discounts or free entries to Colleges or Events! I like to show this cards, so I can pretend to be an Oxford student 😉 (even when it says staff)

This week Karin and I started our English course, too. Than we think that improving our English is a great opportunity to make the most out of our abroad-experience! And the first lesson was fun and I learnt new expressions like “five-o’clock shadow”. Guess what this means? 😉 Although it was sometimes difficult to understand the other students, (they have Spanish or Brazilian accents 😉 ) the two hours went by in the blink of an eye! (I’m using my new learned English phrases)

So that’s it for the working week. I’m sorry that this post comes so late. (the weekend one will follow tomorrow! I only say “laundry”)

See ya!



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