Exploring time

Hi you!

On my three days of weekend, I explored the City a little bit more.DSC01847

On Saturday Karin and I went shopping because it was the day with the worst weather. We found some nice clothes (a “holzfällerstyle shirt I fell in love with!!!), notebooks for vocabulary and also an agenda! On this day we experience the first “British” rain. Out of a sudden it started to rain hard and it even hailed Ping-Pong-ball-sized ice bullets! Luckily, we could stand under a roof till it stopped!!

Sunday was a chilly day that we mostly spent outside. We had a delicious picnic at the Thames. Interesting was that about every half an DSC01892hour WhatsApp Image 2016-08-28 at 18.16.59the weather changed!! First it was sunny and warm. As we found a nice place to eat, it began to rain and thank god we had our umbrellas with us! So we sat there under the umbrellas and hoped that it’ll stop soon. After a few minutes it really stop and the next hour was a perfect summer day!!

We observed the people, who struggled with the punts (punts are special boats and it’s kind of an Oxford thing). It was funny, but as we tried it ourselves on Monday, we experienced that it is really not so easy to steer this boat!! Luckily we didn’t go swimming and we only touched a few other boats O:-) ) It was much fun!

We also did a “Walking tour“. Tom our guide showed us round the old part of the city and explained many interesting things regarding the buildings and the story of Oxford. We went inside New College and saw a place where they filmed about 4-5 minutes of Harry Potter and the goblet of fire. I was impressed that real students live and eat in this old buildings especially because the dining room, filled with dark wood furniture, looks more like a museum than an actual place to eat. (This is maybe the only reason I want to study, so I can live in one of this old oxford colleges!! hihi)

the faun (golden) and Aslan (the lion on the door, that you probably don’t see 😉 )


Tom told us the myth about C.S. Lewis, too. You don’t know C.S. Lewis? Go and read Narnia!! I am a big fan of Narnia, so it was really cool to see the places where maybe C.S.DSC02032 Lewis found the inspiration for the Narnia books.



In the evening we ate out. We had some delicious burgers at “The Cowley Retreat“. This is a sweet pub at Cowleyroad! If you’re around I recommend you to try it!!

So that’s it, but I hope you like it!

Wish you a wonderful week!



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