Introduction week (Part 2)

Hi everyone!

The second part of this week we spent half-time at the Sainsbury Library and half-time at the Bodleian Education Library.


We first got introduced there on Wednesday afternoon. Cathy showed us around and explained the most important things about this very different library. This is a real old style library with wood shelfs and ladders to reach the top shelf!! (pictures follow!)
We also had the chance to work a little bit this week (not only listen to people!!). Our exercise was basically to go through reading lists and find out if some e-books or printed copies are available.

During this week Karin and I walked around many kilometers. If you count the total, it would probably be something around 50 km (its only a guess 😉 ). Hopefully we find some cheap bikes so we dont have to walk 30 minutes every day (30 is only for one way ;- ) ).

We also were lucky with the weather. DSC01792We had more than once the chance to spend our lunch break outside in one of the parks! I really love this parks here. You can just sit on the benches or lay in the meadow and enjoying the sunshine. There are always some runners, kids or other people around. Perfect to spent some time there!! We even saw some little squirrels. But they look more grey than the ones from Switzerland 😉 .


Antoher story with animals: On our walk home from the Education Library (only the first time), we took the wrong way. It was very nice with bridges and meadows. We realised that we must be wrong when we stood in front of three cows!! In the end we found our way back home!!


Now the weekend is already over (blogpost follows!). But I have another day off due to the fact that Monday is a “bank holiday” (explanation: A day on which banks are officially closed, observed as a public holiday. So today we have more time to explore the city!!

See you



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