Introduction week (Part 1)

Hello !

My week started on Monday at 7:15 (work starts at 9:00). The morning was very ordinary. After getting ready and eating breakfast, we left the house. We had to walk about half an hour to the Said Business School (Sainsbury Library). This is kind of long, but on the other side you get some fresh air and a little bit of exercise 😉

At the Library we first did some administrational stuff and got introduced to the whole building (very maze-like with a high security level: without your staff access card you are lost 😉 ). We also met the team. They are all very friendly, helpful and kind. I’ve felt comfortable since the first moment.

Part of the Sainsbury Library

This first few days were intensive. Everyone told us so much stuff about their work, the different libraries in Oxford, the University and so on. It was more exhausting to speak and listen to English than I expected it to be!! Besides that I am proud that I understood nearly everything they explained to us.

Karin and I even had luck with the weather. The last two days had been wonderful: warm and sunny!(summer is back!!) We even saw an absolutely stunning sunset yesterday evening:


Also this morning, as I went for a run (I always wake up at 6:15, so I decided running is a perfect start in the morning 😉 ) And I had the chance to enjoy an amazing, calm morning atmosphere. There had only been a few other runners around, so I really had (nearly) the whole Park for me!

Note: I’m living next to Southpark in Oxford. So I only have to open the garden door and then I’m in the Park!

That’s it for today, I hope to see you on my next post!



One thought on “Introduction week (Part 1)

  1. Damit du Deutsch nicht ganz vergisst: Danke für die spannenden Berichte, freu mich schon auf den nächsten!

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