Trip to Oxford (arriving)

Hi everybody!


Yesterday everything went smoothly. We reached our host family at 16:00 o’clock (flight and bus were on time and we left at the right bus station! 😉 )


Sheila’s daughter (Sheila is our host mother) showed us the house and soon we started to unpack our suitcases and get comfortable. That means arranging our rooms, putting everything in the perfect place (to tell the truth: second day and my room looks like a small mess already 🙂 )

After Sheila arrived (she was out before), she showed us around and told us what we should and could do here. She also made dinner, so we really felt welcomed.

Today we went grocery shopping at Tesco’s (yes in Oxford many shops are even on Sundays open!) We bought some food to cook for ourselves and some stuff like shampoo and body lotion. It took us about 1 hour or more to find just a little bit of food. I don’t know if we are too complicated or if there was such a big variety of things, but at the end we had everything we needed.

We went to the City Centre of Oxford, too. There we had a look at the Said Business School, so we’ll find the Library tomorrow without problems. Walking around without a goal was a big part of our afternoon (by the way we refers to Karin and me 😉 ) In my opinion Oxford is a beautiful city at least for my first impression. There were old buildings next to newer ones in very different styles. And I have to say that the people here are very outgoing and open-minded. Karin and I just met Michael. He asked if we need help, because we’ve been looking at the map, figuring out where the Business School is. Later today we saw him again and he just chatted a little bit with us. The same thing happen at Tesco’s. We walked towards the exit and a women spoke to us due to my “I ❤ Malta” bag. It was a short conversation about Malta. I really enjoy that it is so easy to get in touch with people here!

Now I’m going to bed and I am excited for the placement to start tomorrow!!

Good night





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