Goodbye Switzerland

Hello you!

So my flight is leaving in a few hours (at 12:05). I am so excited right now!! I am physically ready and I am really looking forward to living abroad, but on the other hand I am a little nervous (at the moment not as much as I expected me to be, but I bet that it will increase as we leave for the airport!!) and a little bit anxious due to not knowing what’s coming! The uncertainty of what’s going to happen is always my biggest fear!!

Last week I saw my whole family and my friends to say goodbye and also spent a little time with them. It was a very special feeling, because I said goodbye with the knowledge that I won’t see them for a (for me) really long time! It was a mixture between sadness and excitement because every bye was a step further to finally start my journey.

By the way, I am not travelling alone! My friend Karin is staying in the same host family and works in the Libraries, too. This is emotionally a big relief for me. Now I have the certainty that if something happens, there is someone who is in the same situation as me!!

So now I have to leave or I will miss my flight!

Goodbye Switzerland







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