Packing (what do I need?)


My goal for today is to finish packing. It isn’t easy to prepare for such a long trip, but I think I’m doing relatively well at the moment. 😉

First things first: I made a list with all the stuff I probably (or not?) need to bring with me. Suddenly you’re thinking about how many clothes you have and how many pieces you actually need to live. In fact you don’t need as much as you might imagine (some minimalism exercise here).

Anyway, here is a list with more or less everything I put into my two suitcases:


After everything was arranged, I was surprised that it only took me about 1 hour to search and pack my things. But then (da da dadum) I weighed my luggage. Unfortunately, both my carry-on and my other suitcase had been too heavy. AAAAH. Okay, I tried to take some clothes and heavy stuff out and weighed again. Another time not light enough. This story repeats itself for the next hour (yes, that part was intensive!!).

Now I have packed under the weight limit!! and I hope that nothing is missing 🙂

By the way, my suitcases are from Hauptstadtkoffer (size L and S).

So I am too tired to write more about packing and overweight suitcases 😉

See you next time!






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